Our integrated production system

Cavicondor is producer of high performance cables that we distribute on the domestic and foreign markets. We carefully select every single raw material that we use and adopt the most modern technologies to create both standard and customized products.

Multistandard cables, control cables, data cables, energy cables, shielded cables, armoured cables and special cables. We guarantee safe products created on your specific needing, we love the environment around us and as producer we are aware of our responsibility. We believe that a forward-looking company must put sustainability first when it comes to take decisions that involves environment. For this our work it is based on green policy of reusing and recycling.

Quality is not just a word, is matter of fact. We take advantage of an integrated system that allows us to completely cover the entire production process.

We can guarantee all production process: from the purchase of 8 mm wire rod to the selection and processing of raw material , to the design and production process, passing through final testing, logistics and after-sale services.

Lastly, the production of plastic compounds also takes place within the factory. You are totally safe, you will be in contact with a single player able to guarantee the best quality solution for your needs.

Each production step is performed by modern equipment and innovative techniques of process control, in compliance with current regulations. An internal laboratory for tests and inspections completes the production process.

Thanks to our integrated system and flexible service, Cavicondor is your reference partner for high-end cables production. Custom and reliable real-time solutions.

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