Armoured cables

The armoured cables are those cables that have, in addition to their normal equipped protective overwrap, one more shield made by the protection of steel wires wound helically. In other words, armoured cables are power conductor cables covered by a metal shield. This metallic shield protects the conductors from physical impacts and wears.

The cores are Class 5 flexible raw red copper. Between the conductor and the armour, there’s always a PVC sheat, which serves to not propagate the flame. The armour has a galvanized steel wire braid for a percentage of 80% of the surface. The temperature range is for fixed laying from -40°C to +80°C, mobile laying: from -5°C to +70°C.


Application and use of armoured cables

The steel protection protects these cables in applications that require great mechanical strength. For this reason, they are the preferred choice for mobile laying, hostile environments, and the presence of rodents.

The typical applications are in electrical installations in dangerous and complex locations.
Most importantly, since the armoured shield protects well the cable, they are used for continuous electrical wiring, thus reducing the risk of power loss.
The armoured cables are heavy, rigid and inflexible. For this reason, they usually used straight and for underground laying.

Furthermore, these cables are used in environments where possible interferences from debris could be a potential problem.

To conclude, these are the most widely adopted uses

  • manufacturing industry
  • construction and railway sites
  • power plants
  • underground cabling.

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